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    Hypnotherapy training

    Hypnotherapy training

    The Hypnotherapy elements cover traditional suggestion therapy along with Stress management relaxation techniques, inductions, deepeners practical NLP and much more.

  • Life Coach training

    Life Coach training

    Why become a life coach?

    More than ever people opportunities abound for people to make successful lives, regardless of background or race. And yet many will live unfulfilled lives, knowing that they could be much more.

  • Health Coach training

    Health Coach training

    Health Coach training

    Despite advances in medical sciences, the UK is still faced with some very basic challenges to long term health.

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    What people say about BEST Training

Our approach to Hypnotherapy training


There are many UK schools that offer traditional hypnotherapy training, ranging from sketchy distance learning, through to University style courses involving a huge investment in time and money.
Our courses are designed to be accessible, fun, affordable and to cover the requirements needed to be a professional clinical Hypnotherapist.

Accrediting bodies:

General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSc) www.general-hypnotherapy-register.com

The Hypnotherapy Association www.thehypnotherapyassociation.co.uk

Independent Professional Therapists International (IPTI) www.iptiuk.com

Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)
Graduates of this course (HPD) will be eligible to register with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). For more information see www.cnhc.org.uk.


Personal statement from Robin Oxley - Course director and principal trainer

      It is always a challenge to find the right course - there are so many claims and differing approaches.They range from distance learning at one extreme through to university style academic and exam based systems.

     The consensus through the UK Council of Hypnotherapy associations (UKCHO) is that there should be a minimum of 120 hours of face-to-face training within a 450 hours total training time, including case studies, reading and personal research.
     At BEST Training we focus on the practical aspects of becoming a a modern hypnotherapist with a broad base of theoretical knowledge covering classical and Eriksoian Hypnotherapy, Practical NLP, Life Coaching and EFT. We also demonstrate and oversee training practice to ensure competent skills through continual assessment.
In addition students can embark on their own hypnotic journeys with the opportunity for personal sessions with the trainers.

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Our philosophy

A student said to the Zen master

‘I have been to many teachers and have given up a great number of pleasures. I have fasted, been celibate and stayed awake at nights seeking enlightenment and yet still I am seeking. What should I do?’
The Master replied.
‘Give up suffering’


It is not difficult to become a good hypnotherapist

We do not expect you to become a foremost theoretical therapist in the time we have together, rather become skilled in the practical language and techniques of rapid therapeutic change. We have developed simple systems that will allow the therapist to interact with the clients often tangled storylines that are disrupting their lives.

All good hypnotherapy helps the client into the powerful ‘Calm Zone’ where their own inner processes complete the shift to more harmonious thoughts and behaviours.

We give you the confidence and support to find your own healing voice to further this work that continues to be one of the most popular therapies around.